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Believe in Brilliance! Build your Best!

Words to live by. And The b4 Group leader Bill G. Williams lives by those words every day.

As a keynote speaker, host and facilitator, Bill is a master at transforming a room through his sheer passion and engaging demeanour. Think about your organization or association. How do you create an environment that truly motivates your people to believe in what you exist to do? How do you sincerely connect with your people without them losing focus on reaching your overall goals? The b4 Group helps organizations both large and small extract the best from their team members. Simply put, The b4 Group will guide you in creating performance by connecting people to purpose.

Speaker. Host. Consultant. Motivator. Inspirer.

Just a few terms to describe Bill G. Williams. He draws on his more than 35 years of experience in stimulating people to live their best personal and professional lives.

Virtual Programs

The b4 Group is now fully-functional in a virtual environment! You might already know Bill’s enthusiasm, passion, and infectious attitude on full display during his in-person sessions. To adapt to a changing world, he has now built a comprehensive virtual studio designed to deliver a number of programs in his inimitable style in a completely online environment. He is ready and able to connect with you and your team – whether by Zoom, FaceTime, Skype for Business, WebEx or Microsoft Teams – and deliver highly-interactive sessions with a compelling spirit that is fundamental to the essence of Bill.

Click here for more information on The b4 Group‘s virtual development programs.

Our Method

Every organization or association has unique challenges in its organizational and leadership development processes. Employee engagement, succession planning, mentorship, team spirit – dedicating some time and attention to these processes in the near-term will lead to longer-term employee satisfaction and retention.

The b4 Group draws on many years of expertise in talent development to help companies identify potential gaps and build programs to directly address their distinct needs and ultimate vision for the talent in their organization. Our strategic planning process starts with an assessment of where you are today in order to pave the way for an action plan to get to where you want to be. Your strategy for success!

But just wait, it gets even better. The b4 Group delivers the message in high-energy, enthusiasm-filled sessions and keynote addresses that will invigorate employees and challenge them to strive for their highest potential.

Conventional Programs

The b4 Group specializes in four key talent development areas:

From keynote addresses to short, laser-focused sessions to comprehensive workshops on a specific issue, The b4 Group offers a number of solutions that meet your organization’s or association’s unique needs.

Thought Leader & Speaker

Bill G. Williams meshes body, mind and spirit to inspire his audience to think more positively, be grateful, and have some fun in the process. His passion for the knowledge he has amassed is contagious, and with just one session or keynote address he will engage and energize your team.

Bill emcees both The Art Of Leadership and The Art Of Leadership For Women events where he brings his own charismatic sense of style in moderating the addresses of respected thought and business leaders.

Bill has to be one of the most dynamic, passionate leaders I know! He brings a spirit of joy and “can do” to everything he does… and is contagious. If you haven’t had the opportunity to partner with Bill yet, please do – you won’t be disappointed.
— Carol Chenot, Creator/Designer

Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

Maximizing the potential of the leaders you have today and inspiring those to strive for leadership in the future require a focus on development. Although there are many tools available for self-development, it is still important for an organization to invest in their leaders. The b4 Group offers multiple solutions for nurturing and driving the most critical leadership traits.

Opening oneself up for this type of coaching is a very personal experience. Bill’s open style and intuitive approach led to an experience that was tailor-made for my personality and my professional needs.
— Pary Bell, Senior VP, Commercial Products & Sales Operations, Torstar

Organizational Development

Many organizations are at a loss as to what needs to be done to drive their organization forward from a talent development perspective. The b4 Group has extensive expertise to assist companies with setting goals and priorities and facilitate the process of change management that will permeate throughout the organization.

The b4 Group also helps organizations to connect people to purpose through creating visions, establishing missions, setting strategic directions, and conveying key messages.

One of the best corporate training sessions I have attended. Bill’s coaching technique is outstanding where everyone in the class was super engaged and went back to their offices with a wealth of knowledge. Thanks again Bill and looking forward to more sessions to come.
— Roozbeh Rokni, Experience Design, Toronto Dominion Bank

Team Building & Spirit Events

Team spirit – it is something for which every organization strives but it is not always easy to foster. The ability to collaborate as part of a team clearly strengthens the overall organization through mutual goals and shared support.

Using experiential models and team-building exercises, The b4 Group will work on action plans to close existing gaps and accelerate teams to a higher-performing units. Whether your goal is to reward successes, revitalize or inspire, our programs help make your teams more cohesive than ever.

Bill is a great business partner with a high level of energy, versatile, creativity and focused on results. Bill never leaves anyone indifferent as he is extremely engaging. He commands a high degree of respect given his level of expertise and knowledge.
— Josee Dubuc, Chief Talent & Communications Officer, Telecon

Making a Difference with our Clients

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Royal Bank of Canada
Region of Waterloo
Toronto Police Service
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Vancouver International Airport
Arbor Memorial
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About Bill G. Williams, CTP

For more than 35 years, Bill G. Williams has inspired organizations and associations to create positive change and connect their people with purpose. As leader of The b4 Group, Bill applies his expertise and infectious attitude to deliver content-rich solutions and strategies in the areas of leadership development, executive coaching and team spirit. His experience encompasses a wide range of industries including public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Bill holds an OD Certification from DePaul University in Chicago. Read Bill’s profile here.


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