We still believe in brilliance! We’re still here to help you build your best!

While we’re all predominately working from home, our routines can quickly become monotonous and you and your team can start to lack drive and motivation. Employee and leadership development may not be at the top of your priority list, but investing some time in engagement and coaching NOW will help to pay dividends as we all adjust to this newly-calibrated reality.

While Bill thrives on face to face interaction and the sense of excitement and enthusiasm exhibited by people during his conventional in-person sessions, he still wants to be there for you during this time. As we adapt to a new reality for life and work, The b4 Group has also calibrated some of its programs to operate in a fully-interactive, virtual environment.

Whether it’s Zoom, FaceTime, Skype for Business, WebEx, or Microsoft Teams, Bill has established a virtual studio to ensure that his programs are delivered with not only high-quality bandwidth, but also with the latest engaging techniques and technologies.

What We Offer:

Moderator/Facilitator of Virtual Events

Bill is ready and willing to join you or your team meeting to deliver something as simple as an action-packed 15 minute session, or to lead more in-depth and energized sessions in 30, 60 or 90 minute increments.

And as host of a number of “The Art Of” Leadership series, Bill is regarded as a thought leader and has a unique ability to bring ideas and concepts from the stage into any conversation in which he’s moderating or participating.

Executive Coaching (Coaching through Turbulent Times)

Regularly connecting with your remote staff is one thing, but motivating and inspiring your team can sometimes be daunting. As a leader, your support and encouragement is more important than ever. This might be an ideal time to carve out some time in your day to focus on YOUR development which in turn you can impart to your teams.

The b4 Group is now offering its Coaching Package UNLIMITED for three months. Our program can help you with support in calming the team, communicating virtually, focusing on the critically important issues, executing in the moment, and gaining agreement.

Managing Stress

There can be little dispute to the fact that we’re all susceptible to more stress than normal right now – with working from home, being separated from family and friends, teaching and entertaining our children – it can all seem so daunting. Bill will walk you through some techniques to manage the various trigger points with which you may be struggling.

Managing Multiple Priorities in a Less-Structured Environment

Establishing priorities is difficult under the most normal of circumstances. Now that so many of us are working from home, traditional work hours have ceased to exist. Bill will share some tips on identifying your top priorities and helping to ensure that you stay on top of your work deliverables.

Staying Engaged Virtually

Seemingly never-ending Zoom calls, meeting project deadlines, staying connected with remote colleagues, customers, and partners – our typical work day and practices have been turned on its head. The b4 Group will walk you through strategies on how to effectively communicate and present virtually, ensuring that you and your various audiences remain engaged and motivated in a virtual environment.


Resilience is a mindset – do you feel that you are adaptable, innovative and forward-thinking? Bill will help you move from a fixed mindset to one of growth, increase your emotional intelligence by focusing on self-awareness, and truly tap into the notion that how we view things can have a significant impact on both our personal and professional development.

Innovation & Continuous Improvement

Innovation can be an intimidating concept. It starts with taking an inventory of what’s not working for you and finding new and creative ways to accomplish what really needs to be done. Bill will guide you in exploring hidden brain challenges and Business Process Reviews to help the team come together, innovate and continuously improve – the PROCESS itself is critical to the team’s success.

Creating Performance by Connecting People to Purpose

Do you find purpose in your work? It seems like a simple concept, but when you connect people to purpose, performance and engagement are bound to improve. Bill will lead you through a process designed to create involvement and incite commitment among your team.

With so many leadership topics available, it’s difficult to create an exhaustive list. This is just a sample of some of the subjects with which The b4 Group can impart insight. Feel free to reach out to Bill to discuss your specific pain points.
You truly are a master at your craft and a very engaging speaker.
Virtual Participant: Michael Montanaro, Manager Pre-Planning, Funeral Services, Head Office, Arbor Memorial